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Maan Limburg


Maan Limburg


“Just think of the moon in the sky and a Dutch province”. 

That is how Maan helps you remember her name. No need for that because she is easily remembered by her photography.

Even though Maan quickly found out her talents and dreams lay behind the camera, her experience in front of the camera helps her get amazing results in her work.
She might not want to be remembered by this start, but we feel it shines through in her work.

Maan loves to experiment and try different forms of photography.
Her work can be perfect clean-cut commercial photography but is evenly exiting if you are looking for a more edgy and contemporary look.
Beauty, advertorial, campaign, fashion:
As long as there are people involved Maan will be a perfect fit.

Gardner Gallops likes Maan for her International appeal, keen eye for composition and we hope she can take us to Hong Kong sometime.