Gardner Gallops
creative production for film and photography


We work closely with agencies and brands to select the best approach and production value


We are Gardner Gallops.

We strongly believe in open communication, flexibility and creativity.

We are comfortable in all areas of visual communication:
video, photography, animations or full scale campaigns.
We work together with clients and agencies and help select the best approach and production value.

We work with freelance talent.
Because every project requires a different creative skill-set and selecting the right talent is crucial.
We have a broad network of directors, copywriters, photographers, technical crew and editors to support our way of working.

Working creatively means knowing your strengths.
We are happy to partner up with other creative companies and combine our specific qualities to make stunning work.
We can help you with your international shoot whether you need production services or need help finding local production partners all over the world.

Creative production is a craft.
We always select our projects wisely.
Because your project needs our full attention:
From start to finish.

Just like when Sallie Gardner started her famous Gallop!